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5 doctor YouTube channels we LOVE

Creating engaging and informative video content is no small task. When we take upholding the principles of medical professionalism into account, it's an even bigger endeavour. That’s why when we see it being done right, we are compelled to share it – so it’s already done one of its jobs.


The primary function of course, is to connect with people and educate them. Doing that while being entertaining is very powerful. Connecting with people in this way helps them feel more comfortable, particularly when they may be feeling anxious or worried about seeing a Specialist. It can also reduce stigma around conditions, encourage face-to-face appointments, and improve understanding, compliance and health outcomes.


Lastly, it’s an excellent way to build your online profile. By illustrating your expertise in any matters relating to healthcare, whether it’s patient information or content that is directed towards your peers, you are strengthening your online presence.


In a climate where the majority of patients expect to be able to find healthcare providers on the internet, creating short and sharp videos is a tidy way to package useful information and to stand out as a leader in your field.


Here are some healthcare professionals who are doing it right.


1. Dr. Daniel Aronov

Take a look at the channel

Dan Aronov_Preview

What it does: Q&A style videos on conditions with occasional ‘viral’ content.

Why we like it: Dr Daniel highlights his expertise and excellent bedside manner.


2. Buck Parker

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Dr Buck_Preview

What it does: Answers viewer questions about conditions and procedures.

Why we love it: Dr Buck uses layman terms to discuss and demystify common medical complications.


3. MedCircle

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What it does: Mental health interviews with subject matter experts.

Why we love it: This channel covers a broad scope of mental health issues, from anxiety to autism.  


4. Dr. Hope’s Sick Notes

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Dr Hope_Preview

What it does: Combines health content with pop culture. 

Why we love it: Dr Ed makes potentially sensitive health topics very relatable and insightful.


5. Career Doctor

Take a look at the channel

Career Doctor_Preview

What it does: Tips, tricks and advice for facing career challenges in healthcare.

Why we love it: Dr Anthony provides useful information and updates his channel weekly.

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