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The value of procedure-level data

The Federal Government ‘Ministerial Advisory Committee on Out-of-Pocket Costs’ report is imminent. Meanwhile, consumer and GP demand for Specialist medical cost transparency continues to gather momentum. This fact is highlighted by over 85,000 unique searches through the HealthShare platform over the last month, using health-fund-filtered searches.

EDM Image PHI_Nov18-1HealthShare is now working with market-leading PHI partners to access and freely provide procedure specific out-of-pocket cost information. This will further enhance the experience of consumers and their GPs.

As a leading health tech company, our focus is on enabling people to make better health decisions. Here, we’ll discuss the opportunities that procedure-level Specialist information can provide in delivering on our commitment to consumers, patients and GPs.


How procedure-level data can enable better health decisions

When making decisions about the most suitable Specialist a number of factors may be important. There are always unique personal preferences, circumstances and priorities centred on the individual. HealthShare empowers health insurers to enable customer choice with rich profile information, including gap scheme participation frequency across their aggregated claims.

Specialists generally perform a number of procedures across any given specialty field. The breadth and frequency of different procedures will vary between Specialists and can skew some comparisons of customer experience data between different Specialists in the same field.

When it comes to making a choice, procedure costs are the top-ranking factor for patients when they are choosing a Specialist1. Clearly, procedure level information informs the referral choice and gives more context around specific patient needs.

How procedure search can enhance patient and GP choices

Enabling search by procedure presents new opportunities to enhance search and increase healthcare access for customers, patients and GPs.

Benefits of procedure search for GPs and consumers:

  • Increasing choice while excluding inapplicable search results. Just as there are Orthopaedic Surgeons who do not perform knee replacements, there are General Surgeons who do perform knee replacements and may not be considered as an option through specialty-based searches. Procedure search can provide more choices with greater relevance for customers and GPs.
  • Enabling access in rural or underserviced areas. Particularly in rural and remote regions, a GP will often perform some procedures, like gynaecological or colonoscopy procedures. Procedure search can enable access and convenience that may not otherwise be apparent.
  • Simplifying consumer search in their language. Being able to search by procedure eliminates confusion for patients who need to connect with a relevant Specialist.

Enabling PHI policy holders and their GPs to search by procedure returns more accurate and relevant results, improving customer experience and satisfaction. With enhanced search results, time, money, and confusion are significantly reduced, allowing customers to make better choices for their healthcare.

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  1 HealthShare Patient Survey, 2018 – What is most important when choosing a Specialist?