88% of GPs are happy to refer to Specialists they’ve never met

doctor handshake with a patient at doctors bright modern office in hospital-1When you think about a GP making a referral, what do you picture?

If you’re imagining a Doctor tapping out a referral only to a Specialist they’ve met in person – we see where you’re coming from, but you’re only approximately 12% correct.

88% of GPs have told us they’re comfortable referring to Specialists they’ve never met.


GPs are referring outside of their traditional networks in greater numbers and with greater frequency. We have long suspected that this trend would take root. This practice provides added value to patients while streamlining the referral process.


But, what does this mean for Specialists?


Quite a lot. For anyone wanting to increase their network of referring GPs, this is a very useful behaviour to understand.


Here’s something else to think about - only 6.1% of GPs look at the websites of Specialists. From this, we can see that the majority of GPs are choosing to explore a comprehensive Specialist Directory and compare details all in one place.


So, putting a lot of time and money into optimising a website, may not be the best strategy. More targeted actions, such as claiming an online profile, can be cheaper, easier and infinitely more effective.


Knowing how to manage your online presence has never been more important. Establishing a single source of comprehensive, up-to-date, information and ensuring that it is seen by a vast network of GPs offers a clear advantage.


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