Only 6.1% of GPs look at Specialist websites

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With an average of 30-50 patients per day, and 67% of appointments going overtime, GPs are busy. Even the most thorough GPs have next-to-no time when it comes to doing their own ‘specialist research’ online, and old school methods of marketing to GPs are no longer effective.


Today, letters, flyers and faxes get lost in the junk mail pile, and it is the Practice Manager, not the GP who is in charge of the ‘referral address book.’  In a recent Healthshare survey, only 6.1% of GPs reported that they look at Specialist websites when considering a patient referral. Instead, more than half of respondents rely on integrated solutions. Further, 86% of GPs said that it was not necessary to meet the Specialists they refer patients to in person.


GP referrals are an important source of new business, so a shift in the way that Specialists get in front of GPs is needed.


Embedded into leading GP clinical software and accessible to more than 65% of Australia's GPs, Healthshare's Specialist Referrals Directory gives GPs access to Specialist information at the point of patient consultation.

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