Improving access to quality cardiology and sleep treatments with GenesisCare


Healthshare, Australia’s leading digital health platform, is excited to announce that GenesisCare has joined our ever-growing network of preferred providers to help improve access for patients who are in need of cardiology and sleep medicine specialist services.

By joining Healthshare, the Specialist doctors in the Genesis HeartCare and SleepCare practices will be more easily found by GP referrers and patients who seek their expertise and quality services.

Specialist referral details for over 70 Genesis HeartCare and SleepCare clinics will now be included within Healthshare’s Specialist directory, available to GPs via their clinical software and to patients via

 “Joining Healthshare will improve the visibility of our services to GPs and patients around Australia, ensuring they can quickly gain access to our world-class patient care,” says Professor Stephen Worthley, Executive Manager, HeartCare & SleepCare at GenesisCare. “Over 60,000 patients are newly referred to us each year for cardiology and sleep medicine services, which will now be made easier with the Healthshare platform”.

“Healthshare’s services focus on empowering Australians, and their GPs, to make more informed health decisions including when searching for a Specialist,” said Rami Weiss, Healthshare’s CEO. “Adding Specialist information for Genesis HeartCare and SleepCare centres will ensure that people searching across Healthshare’s platforms will easily be able to find a Specialist that can see them with minimal wait time.” receives over 500,000 monthly visitors to its website and has a verified Specialist referral directory that is freely accessible to all Australian GPs, via their clinical software or through an online portal.   
GenesisCare clinics will also be added to Healthshare’s service, a free offering to help Australian patients find fast-tracked specialist appointments in their area.


To find the full list of GenesisCare clinics, you can search


About GenesisCare:


GenesisCare provides high quality specialist care to patients with cancer and cardiovascular disease, the two largest disease burdens globally. The organisation exists to improve quality and access for patients and communities in need. The group is the largest provider of radiation therapy across Australia, operating 28 cancer centres in major metropolitan and also regional settings (including in tertiary teaching public hospitals). Cardiology and sleep services are provided at more than 80 locations. We are also the largest provider of radiation therapy in the UK and Spain, where we have 27 treatment centres.