Telehealth Psychiatry: a viable option for patients outside of metro areas


Healthshare recently announced a partnership with a prominent group of Australian Psychiatrists that offer urgent tele-psychiatry consults, improving access to care for patients living outside of metro areas.

For GPs, this means that patients requiring psychiatry services in non-metro areas will usually be seen within 48 hours and at a minimal out-of-pocket cost.

Many non-metro patients don’t have access to treatment. They can sometimes be faced with waiting times of between 1-4 months and significant out-of-pocket costs for face-to-face consultations. Healthshare’s SpecialistNow service offers patients video consults once they have received a referral from their GP and, most importantly, within a short time frame.

SpecialistNow is a free service which aims to connect patients with a medical Specialist who can accommodate their needs and see them quickly. 

Year to date, there have been 18,000 visitors to and over 2,000 requests fulfilled.